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The association of post consumer plastic recyclers issued a voluntary testing agreement for degradable bamboo fiber. Recently, the Washington based association of post consumer plastic recyclers (APR) released a set of voluntary testing agreements for material suppliers and blow molders to evaluate the impact of degradable additives used in pet water bottles on regeneration flow

apr believes that the use of degradable additives in pet water bottles is not the most environmentally friendly method, because additives will hinder the reuse of pet polymers

davecornell, technical director of APR, said, "degradable additives that weaken products or shorten the useful life of plastics will have a serious adverse impact on plastic regeneration after consumption." Cornell said, "according to our understanding of the impact of life cycle, the environmental burden caused by the reuse of molecules through regeneration is less than that caused by the single use of molecules, and it can make more effective use of natural resources and complement the overall sustainable development initiatives."

"compatibility test of APR degradable additives and pet regeneration technology" provides a method to test the effect of degradable additives on pet regeneration. The guidance document points out that when the additive manufacturer claims that the shelf life of the product will not be adversely affected by the good selectivity and catalytic effect of the additive, it should adopt the accelerated aging method to replace the real aging to verify the correctness of this statement

considering the consequences of premature product damage, APR suggests to apply its inspection procedures to the products of the same grade of experimental machines that may be regenerated

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