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Association between games and employees' career

people who don't play games can't experience the mood of game fans, let alone the joy and satisfaction of getting a masterpiece! Similarly, a person who doesn't have much passion for work will not understand the behavior of others who work hard for work, and think that such people are fools, complete fools and fools! In fact, life is like this. Games and work are essentially the same. The key depends on whether you have paid enough enthusiasm for it, and how motivated you will be! On the contrary, how attractive games and work are to you, how enthusiastic you will be

now let's first see why games are attractive and make these people obsessed, and then see why work is not so attractive, and whether we can transfer the attractive things in the game to work, so that work can also be as attractive as games, so that work will no longer become a burden, but a pleasure

let's take a look at the more popular games now, such as legend, miracle, swordsman adventure, etc. by analyzing these games, we can see that these games are attractive mainly because of the following factors:

1, a clear career model

in these games, there is a clear story background, and under this background, several career models have been set up. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this career, What the supreme realm looks like is explained, and no matter what occupation, after reaching the peak, it is basically the same, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In this way, users can choose freely according to their preferences

2. Independent career design

what kind of career players choose is based on their own preferences, without any restrictions. Therefore, once users choose this profession, they will strive for it all their lives

3. Timely performance evaluation

every time a player makes a little effort in the game, the system will timely record the experience value or add money, sometimes allowing the player to choose freely to increase his ability in a certain aspect. Because players can see the growth of their ability at any time, and can see the gap with their career, they will have clear goals, so they can continue to generate momentum

4. Appropriate task challenges

the fast fall of the pendulum game generally has tasks of various levels. Even a new entrant will have corresponding tasks suitable for him to do, so that the player can improve his ability while completing the task. That is, we will not improve our ability for the sake of improving our ability, but improve the opportunity to do higher-level tasks by constantly improving our ability. This appropriate task is an important factor that attracts players in the game process

5. Equal team communication

in the game, various temporary or long-term teams can be established, and team members can communicate equally. They can not only complete large-scale tasks through team communication and cooperation, but also exchange information through team communication. This kind of unrestrained communication is also an important reason for many players who are not good at speaking or dare not speak casually

in a word, there may be many attractions of the game, but in general, the above five aspects should be the main results, which may not be the result of one aspect, but the result of the integration of many factors. Anyway, if we can provide the above conditions in our work, I think our work will also attract enough people to do their best

1. Choose a good reason for work

games need a good background story to be attractive, and good reasons for work can be attractive. Most of the time, our enterprise only has one kind of work for employees to do, and there is no vision description, which cannot resonate with employees. Therefore, when employees are working, they will not have long-term considerations and do not feel like doing business, but just doing things. There is an essential difference between doing business and doing things

2. Design a career model

design a career model is actually the design of post capability model. Sometimes our work does not only do this kind of design, but also set posts according to people. We can set corresponding posts according to what this person can do. The specific responsibilities and requirements are also set according to the situation of this person. This is actually a manifestation of the fact that the enterprise is responsible for the fact that the elongation at break of General PE is 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE is higher). We only have a clear definition of the scope of responsibility of each position and clear requirements for the ability model of the position. In this way, on the one hand, it can promote the current post personnel to comprehensively improve their own quality according to this requirement; On the other hand, it can help employees who have aspirations to develop in this direction to find directions and goals, so as to lay a foundation for the enterprise to comprehensively improve the quality of employees and cultivate talents in the long run

3. Clear tasks

let employees do one thing, including daily affairs and a specific task. As for daily affairs, we will not discuss too much here. For a specific task, we should pay attention to the difficulty of the task as much as possible consistent with the ability of employees. If it is too difficult, it will not only dampen the enthusiasm of employees, but also affect the completion of tasks; If the difficulty is too low, it will also dampen the enthusiasm of employees, and finally lead to the low quality of task completion. For managers, assigning tasks is a very artistic work. On the one hand, employees should complete the work, on the other hand, employees should be able to improve their ability by completing tasks

4. Establish an effective and timely evaluation mechanism

performance evaluation mechanism is actually a feedback mechanism. People's passion will slowly disappear with time, especially when they don't get any feedback for a long time, they are more likely to lose motivation. Therefore, we should constantly motivate employees through various management methods to maintain this passion. The performance evaluation mechanism is a good means. Through the performance evaluation, not only the evaluation and evaluation of the existing work, but also the key is to be able to pass the timely evaluation, so that employees can see the growth of their own ability achieved through their efforts, as well as the gap between their own ability and their chosen future career. For example, felt textile fiber textile is coarse, and employees are encouraged to compare with their own requirements rather than others. In this way, it can not only improve the motivation of employees to study and work, but also effectively avoid contradictions. Through performance evaluation, employees are free to choose whether to retain these achievements, receive bonuses, or participate in a training. Such a choice is not only for the staff to make their own decisions, but also for the SCM as an important signal transfer station, which saves the resources of the enterprise and sets an example for other employees

5. Create a good environment for team communication

people need emotional communication, and the power generated by the exchange of ideas, small investment, large and fast return. A good team communication environment can effectively improve the combat effectiveness of the team, so managers should form this atmosphere within the enterprise through the creation of corporate culture, so that team collaboration and communication become a culture

management is an art. We just look at how to improve our management work through games to make our work less annoying and ultimately attractive. I hope our little association can help you in your work. Finally, just be a game administrator, and then you will succeed

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