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Tadilan aeonix customer service center has built a powerful multimedia communication platform for enterprises

compared with the call center, the customer service center has built a powerful multimedia communication platform between enterprises and customers. Customer Service Center - customers can choose, e-mail, page chat and other methods, while enterprises can track and manage queuing time, set intelligent and flexible routing rules for customer contacts, and minimize the call abandonment rate. Enterprises can also maximize the return on investment in seats and ensure that personnel arrangements can be dynamically adjusted according to actual needs

aeonix customer service center can provide detailed historical reports, real-time reports and whole process reports. Therefore, enterprises can simply and quickly measure the resources of customer service center, adjust and meet the changing business needs. ACC can seamlessly access the customer's CRM system, and can easily manage sales activities and customer order processing through inbound and outbound calls. Aeonix customer service center has been unanimously recognized by customers and agents. In their view, ACC is the most intuitive, flexible and simple customer service center system in the industry

main features of

in recent years:

integrated solution - aeonix customer service center can provide an integrated server solution for UC C and customer service center applications and function packages. A unified server can realize intuitive and centralized management, so as to effectively save time and energy, and reduce the resources required by the management system

easy to operate and maintain - the application of aeonix customer service center takes the end user as the core, and it does not need to modify settings or generate reports. 2. The reason for the unstable speed of the hydraulic universal testing machine requires the help of communication experts; The supervisor of the customer service center can easily manage acc

upgrade and expansion only need to add authorization - simple upgrade procedures can enable customers to quickly upgrade, and the increase of seats or applications can be achieved only through simple authorization modification, ensuring the seamless and intuitive upgrade and expansion of the system. There is no need to add any hardware

total cost - customers are always looking for solutions with small investment and large return, which is also the goal of aeonix customer service center. The minimum hardware requirements and simple implementation and maintenance procedures can make customers experience the lowest total cost

aeonix customer service center function

General queuing function in the real sense

CRM and database integration

support multi site mode

flexible IVR

outgoing, callback and appointment callback

advanced management information system

Advanced CSR tool

pop screen function

multilingual support

hot backup

full report

multi tier Routing - by priority, skill, statistical results, business rules Customer value, etc. select routes

2000 definable seats

5 The dynamometer main bearing is not allowed to refuel 600 concurrent seats

256 groups

128 supervisor seats

256 routing schemes

256 skills

256 seat boards

characteristics of ACC

management functions of aeonix customer service center

simple and convenient wizard

flexible routing rule settings

define business time and overflow rules

pass common rules manage email Web and voice

caller users can use IVR

to manage seats and regulatory profiles

define skill packs and priorities

aeonix customer service center visor functions

real time reports

seats and interactive monitoring

visual service levels

visual customer interaction

historical reports

business data for decision-making

Customer Service Center Operation Analysis

out, in Email and web data

third party message window

aeonix customer service center seat function

multimedia processing

incoming and outgoing voice, fax E-mail and web

Customer visual service

queue window

pop screen function


interactive processing icon

important message window

tadilan Telecom

tadilan Telecom is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of integrated business communication platform. Success 4: because the jaws of hydraulic universal testing machine are often used to design, develop, manufacture and sell coral series products, It provides comprehensive communication solutions for customers in more than 40 countries and regions in the world, ensuring cost-effective services. Based on the principle of serving customers, tadilan company relies on strong technical advantages and excellent product functions to build a unified, centralized and efficient communication network for the global office environment

as a tadilan Telecom that has successfully operated in the world communication field for 50 years, it can provide enterprises and operators with complete and efficient communication solutions that support advanced applications of voice, data and video communication. It is our coral family system products that win the market and solutions for us. The scalability of coral series products can provide enterprises, institutions and operators with value-added services such as call center, broadband access, end-to-end, IP network based on CTI. The openness and flexibility of our products can easily create value-added applications with third-party developers

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