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Tai'an agricultural machinery preparation "three summer" production presents new highlights

"three summer" production is coming, and the subsidy standard will be reduced by 40% from 2019 to 2020 based on 2016. Tai'an Agricultural Machinery Bureau fully investigates the supply and demand of machines and tools, fuel supply, operation time, etc., and comprehensively carries out technical guidance and safety supervision. On this basis, through the construction of cooperatives, informatization and other work, the production of agricultural machinery in Sanxia will show new highlights. It is estimated that 56000 sets of various agricultural machinery will be launched in the city, the yield of wheat machine will reach 99.9%, the rate of corn machine sowing will reach 95%, and the subsoiling area of land will reach 303200 mu

first, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives "take the lead". Actively guide and support 534 agricultural machinery professional cooperatives in the city to carry out socialized services, give full play to their market information, strong organizational ability, good service quality and other characteristics, carry out cross regional operation services in advance, sign "one-stop operation" orders with surrounding towns and villages, improve the production efficiency of the new material workshop to establish a research team in Sanxia, ensure that one piece of wheat is mature and one piece is harvested, and strive to harvest wheat and direct seeding of corn. It is estimated that the Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives will undertake the operation task of 2.3 million mu during the summer vacation, accounting for more than 80% of the operation area of the city

second, the intelligent agricultural machinery information service platform has become a new favorite. Taking the construction of intelligent and sophisticated agricultural machinery production mode as the starting point, actively build a smart agricultural machinery information service platform. This year, graphene will realize industrial utilization and commercialization. All new machines and tools that enjoy machine purchase subsidies will be installed with monitoring equipment, and all agricultural machinery subsoiling equipment that participate in the "three summer" production will also be installed to achieve full coverage of the city. It can detect the process, area and depth of subsoiling operation of agricultural machinery in real time and accurately. Encourage operators to install app terminal display software. In the Shensong intelligent monitoring hall, the staff can talk with the operator at any time, which is convenient for scheduling and commanding, and solve problems in time

third, the deep integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy has "become the mainstream". Large scale promotion of "wheat straw chopped and returned to the field, subsoiling and land preparation, no tillage sowing, field cultivation, integrated pest control, corn precision sowing (single seed sowing)" Deep application of chemical fertilizer, field management of corn and other technologies to speed up the whole process of mechanization of agricultural production. This year, the wheat combine harvesters promoted in Feicheng and Dongping have been installed with wheat straw secondary crushing devices. After operation, the straw is sprinkled evenly, decayed and fertilized, and can be directly broadcast without tillage, saving more than 50 yuan per mu of cultivated land

fourth, agricultural machinery poverty alleviation "warms the hearts of the people". We should give full play to the industrial advantages of agricultural machinery plastic granulator in a wide range of sectors that touch the national economy. Before the production of Sanxia, we should give priority to subsidies to poor households who are willing to purchase machines, so that they should be supplemented as much as possible. Organize professional agricultural machinery cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households and cross regional operation teams of agricultural machinery, take measures such as package, help and support, and carry out operation services such as wheat machine harvesting and corn machine sowing for poor households free of charge. The poor people who have the ability to work and are willing to learn agricultural mechanization skills will receive free training in agricultural machinery operation, maintenance, agronomic technology and other knowledge and skills. We will guide poor households to join Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the form of "land shares" and "labor shares" and enjoy job sharing

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