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Tablet, capsule drugs and their packaging machinery

in 2004, the annual output of seven categories of chemical drug preparations in China, namely tablets, capsules, granules, freeze-dried powder injections, powder injections, infusion and slow (controlled) release tablets, reached 306.1 billion tablets, d73.8 billion tablets, 6.3 billion bags (bags), 1.1 billion bottles, 10.5 billion bottles, 4.9 billion bottles (bags) and 1.7 billion tablets respectively. In 2005, China's chemical pharmaceutical industry completed a total output value of 240.59 billion yuan at current prices, with an average annual increase of 16.7% from 2000 to 2005, and a sales revenue of 232.56 billion yuan, with an average annual increase of 17.1%. At present, China has become the largest producer of pharmaceutical preparations in the world. Tablet and capsule drugs are still the most important drug dosage forms

according to statistics, the annual output of tablets in China has reached 306.1 billion tablets. With the increase of drug output in the past two years, its growth rate is estimated to reach more than 10%. In addition, with the deepening trend of Westernization of traditional Chinese medicine dosage forms, tablets have gradually become the most important form of drug dosage forms

at the same time, the output of capsule drugs in China's pharmaceutical products has also been growing. Nowadays, capsule has become one of the main dosage forms of oral solid preparations. The output of hard capsule dosage forms in China accounts for about 20% of the total output of oral solid preparations. In addition, with the acceleration of the redevelopment of traditional Chinese medicine, the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and the Westernization of product technology, some traditional Chinese medicine gradually bid farewell to the traditional decoction and pills and turned to solid preparations, granules, filled powder and other dosage forms, which objectively promoted the application of tablets and capsules more and more widely; At the same time, the health care products industry with tablets and capsules as the main dosage form is also in a period of rapid development. These factors have stimulated the continuous development of tablets and capsules. It is expected that the tablets and capsules industry will maintain a good growth rate in the next 5-10 years

analysis on the development trend of tablet and capsule drug packaging machinery

the main packaging equipment of tablet and capsule drugs is blister packaging line, including counting machine, blister packaging machine, cartoning machine, and corresponding testing equipment. With the continuous tightening of pharmaceutical industry policies and the improvement of pharmaceutical packaging level, pharmaceutical enterprises have also continuously increased the requirements for blister packaging lines

future development trend of blister packaging line

trend 1: convenient operation and friendly man-machine interface

trend 2: stable performance and sustainable productivity

trend 3: have a safe, stable and efficient detection system in key quality control links

the needs of users will be the future basis for the development of blister packaging line. The above three development trends of blister packaging line point out the research and development direction for the suppliers of blister packaging line

convenient operation and friendly man-machine interface: the packaging automation level of pharmaceutical enterprises is constantly improving, and the number of operators required by the packaging line will be less and less. The equipment that conforms to this trend is undoubtedly more in line with the development status of pharmaceutical enterprises; Stable performance, efficient and sustainable production capacity: high-speed and stable packaging lines have always been an important demand for pharmaceutical enterprises. Qualified packaging lines can bring the best competitiveness to pharmaceutical enterprises in terms of cost saving and improving the return on investment; Have a safe, stable and efficient detection system in the key quality control links: with the national and consumer attention to drug safety and the strengthening of the social sense of pharmaceutical enterprises, the detection device D to ensure the safety of drug packaging will be more applied to the packaging line of pharmaceutical enterprises. Among many detection devices, machine vision detection devices and metal detection devices will be widely used by pharmaceutical enterprises

development trend of several grain technology

trend 1: modular design needs to be added

trend 2: increase the detection mode of the lack of particles in the tablet counting machine, and improve the performance of the equipment quality control link

trend 3: increase consideration of safety factors

the phenomenon of half tablets and missing tablets is a big problem in the production and packaging of tablets and capsules. In addition to the phenomenon of half tablets and missing tablets that are easy to occur during the tablet pressing process, the tablets are also easy to be damaged due to vibration or other external forces during the tablet counting process. Therefore, how to avoid the risk of tablet damage during the tablet counting process has become the goal of the tablet counting equipment in the future. Through our understanding of users, we can summarize the following trends

modular design needs to be added. More modular design can increase the flexibility of the whole line of the equipment, especially to better meet the needs of customers to disassemble and clean the equipment, and bring more convenience to users; Increase the detection mode of missing particles of the counting machine and improve the performance of the quality control link of the equipment. At present, the main way to detect the missing particles of the counting machine is the weighing detection method. With the emergence of artificial intelligence photoelectric scanning technology and artificial intelligence CCD image vision system, the detection performance of the counting machine will be better improved; The consideration of increasing safety factors is from the perspective of employees engaged in operation and production in the production line. It is hoped that suppliers will increase the design consideration of safety factors in the production of equipment, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in the production process to the greatest extent

development trend of blister packaging and wiring technology

trend 1: smaller volume

trend 2: easier adjustment

trend 3: higher speed

trend 4: updated transmission mode

in the communication with users, they mentioned the development trend of blister packaging and connecting equipment in the future. Users mentioned the above four points most. Smaller size nowadays, pharmaceutical enterprises all hope that the equipment can have a smaller floor area to facilitate the planning of enterprise plants. The smaller blister box connecting equipment can undoubtedly win the favor of pharmaceutical enterprises; It is easier to adjust the setting and adjustment of various parameters in production, as well as the production conversion of different products or products of different specifications. Simple and effective equipment adjustment will inevitably bring more convenience to production; Higher speed in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market, pharmaceutical enterprises with high production efficiency will occupy a more favorable position in the competition. High speed blister packaging and connecting equipment can bring greater benefits to pharmaceutical enterprises; At the same time, users also put forward higher requirements for the cooperation of blister packaging and connecting equipment, hoping to have a better transmission method to replace the vacuum transmission from blister to packaging

development trend of detection equipment

trend and display in the data board potential 1: detection is more accurate

trend 2: the stronger the anti-interference

trend 3: simple and easy to operate

testing equipment is one of the most important equipment on the packaging line of pharmaceutical enterprises. With the attention of the state and consumers to drug safety and the strengthening of the social sense of pharmaceutical enterprises in Dongguan, more testing equipment is being used by pharmaceutical enterprises. Under the guidance of these three trends, we believe that machine vision detection technology and metal detection technology will have greater development in pharmaceutical enterprises. Machine vision technology is to use computers to process and analyze image information and make conclusions. Through the detection and recognition of items such as quantity, area, length and color, it can complete the judgment of presence/absence, offset, number, size and so on. Compared with the photoelectric sensors currently used by pharmaceutical enterprises in the detection links such as counting, coding, blister plate missing, incomplete tablets, broken tablets, adding instructions, coding recognition, etc., the detection content is more grip screw force. Generally, the test board surface and board edge are rich, more stable and more accurate, and it is in line with the current situation that the packaging line of the pharmaceutical industry often changes the packaging products. Metal detection equipment has been used by many enterprises. According to the characteristics of metal detection equipment, users hope that this equipment can e) reproduce the results: the experimental results can be accessed arbitrarily, which is more anti-interference and more accurate

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