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Tadilan successfully completed Huawei cloud test

with the development of Internet technology and the improvement of cloud technology, more and more fields are introducing cloud technology, more and more projects are building cloud, and more and more applications are migrating to the cloud

in this golden October, tadilan participated in the Huawei cloud application test of smart city rail at the request of the owner of Hohhot metro project. The test results show that tadilan's switching system, centralized recording system, management system, dispatching console and other applications are fully suitable for the deployment, operation, storage, backup and migration of Huawei cloud. The test results show that tadilan's switching system can fully realize the functions of official, private or public-private integration on Huawei cloud

in this test, tadilan deployed three aeonix switching systems on Huawei cloud in only 50 minutes, and formed a cluster to realize 1+n backup. The main cluster mode of tadilan switching system can realize high redundancy and high error tolerance, realize multiple hot standby, load sharing, and all data are synchronized in real time, so as to ensure that the current business will not be affected during system switching, and the business will not be interrupted in case of failure

in this test, tadilan used only 30 minutes to deploy the centralized recording system aeonix logger in Huawei cloud. Aeonix logger can not only be simply and comprehensively deployed in the cloud, but also multiple aeonix loggers can build a recording resource pool in the cloud, and call and store it according to the set rules. Aeonix you can also use it to drink water. The logger does not depend on the network structure and does not need mirroring. It can actively record or on-demand record terminals, relays, mobile clients and conferences

tadilan dispatching station ADC is integrated into the switching system, and the dispatching station data is stored in the cloud, so as to realize 1+n cluster backup of dispatching station data. When the dispatching desk fails, the data of the dispatching desk will not be lost. Replace the new dispatching desk and use it immediately. The switching time can reach the second level, "said Liu Yingjun. ADC does not depend on specific hardware and can be used on a variety of operating systems

Tadi (2) sleeve pressing method compresses the sample head with a sleeve, and then clamps it in the jaws of the experimental machine for tensile test. It is applicable to the breaking tensile blue of metal core steel wire rope. Huawei cloud test has been successfully completed, which makes the cloud strategy of Tadi blue series products to a higher level. So far, tadilan series products have been successfully deployed in Amazon cloud, Alibaba cloud and Huawei cloud. The biggest advantage of tadilan cloud solution is that although users can also choose computer-controlled models, its convenience, comprehensiveness and functional diversity

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