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Tablet computers compete with smart mobile Internet

Apple's success has sent a clear signal to the industry: there is a huge gold mine in the mobile Internet market. An executive of arm company said recently that the release of Apple iPad will attract many manufacturers to join the tablet computer field. The executive expected that more than 50 tablet computers would be available in 2010. In addition, Bill Gates also reiterated in an interview that Microsoft will not give up tablet computers

tablet computers are obviously not Apple's "stage". In the domestic market, Great Wall computer has officially launched its self-developed gpad and gbook tablet computer products

as an important member of the mobile Internet market, intelligent terminal manufacturers are also unwilling to be outdone. According to a report recently released by strategy analytics, a market research company, the total number of global smart shipments in the first quarter of this year reached 54million, an increase of 50% year-on-year

facts show that in the mobile Internet market in 2010, the rivalry between tablet computers and smart phones has taken shape and intensified. Although it still needs time to test who can dominate, it is certain that in the future terminal war, choosing the most appropriate market entry point is the key to victory

tablet computers and smart mobile Internet

according to the Beijing business daily, Great Wall computer, which officially launched two series of tablet computers a few days ago, is not only the first manufacturer in Chinese Mainland to launch tablet computers, but also the first manufacturer to launch two major architecture tablet computers worldwide. This also indicates that Great Wall computer has taken the first step of mobile Internet strategy

on April 19 this year, Lenovo Group announced the official launch of the mobile Internet strategy and launched mobile Internet terminals such as Le phone, skylight, ideapad, U160, etc

On April 19, Motorola China Co., Ltd. officially announced the appointment of Meng Pu, who just left Qualcomm, as the company's senior vice president and President of mobile terminal business in Greater China. Motorola's appointment was regarded by analysts as the company's renewed effort in the mobile Internet business

as the originator of intelligence, BlackBerry has always occupied a leading position in the high-end business market. With the gradual popularization of intelligence to the public, BlackBerry has also begun to work in the personal user market. Mike Lazaridis, CO CEO of rim, announced recently that he will launch the next generation system platform as soon as possible

from domestic and foreign PC manufacturers to intelligent manufacturers, although their actions are different, the ultimate goal is to point to the mobile Internet market. The two camps of tablet computers and intelligence have become a "competition" in the mobile Internet market

advantages and bottlenecks are deadlocked.

as the two "camps" in the era of mobile Internet, tablet computers and intelligence are developing in contradiction. Both sides have their own characteristics and development advantages, and there are inevitable bottlenecks in hardware and services

from the perspective of tablet computers, nowadays, 3G and 3G cards have increasingly entered real life, and it is no longer just the dream of Chinese people to go anywhere. With the further development of 3G applications, this way of anytime, anywhere puts more emphasis on the portability of devices, making tablet computers usher in the spring of development. Moreover, the extremely simple shape, practical operation and popular touch-screen operation advantages of tablet computers also bring fun to users in the 3G era

on the other hand, the shortcomings of tablet computers can't be ignored. Previously, some critics believed that tablet computers are just the "interlayer" between intelligence and Shangben, and the embarrassing "identity positioning" has also buried many uncertainties for the development of tablet computers

tablet computers appeared on the market long before Apple launched iPad. In 2002, Microsoft put forward the concept of tablet computer, and a few manufacturers such as HP and Fujitsu launched corresponding products. However, the high price and product positioning made tablet computers few buyers. In this way, tablet computers gradually left people's vision in the tide of IT products

for intelligence, in recent years, its sales have been rising, and its personalized, multifunctional and professional characteristics have long been popular. More and more consumers see the advantages of intelligence and choose intelligence. Driven by the market, all major manufacturers take intelligence as the main selling sign, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, showing a white hot scene. However, the appearance of mini car has gone through several evolutionary stages, and problems such as safety hazards, application degree, system compatibility, payment mode and so on still need to be solved urgently

it can be seen that in the competition in the mobile Internet market, intelligence and tablet computers have their own strengths and weaknesses

finding the right market entry point is the key

tablet computer is not a new concept, but in the 3G era, everything can be redefined and given a new connotation. Therefore, As a "newcomer" in the mobile Internet market Tablet computers are in the ascendant, and manufacturers' innovation in technology and market profit model needs to be improved. Moreover, as the end market approaches saturation, how to create differentiated products and services and continuously improve consumer acceptance is also the key to development. In addition, at present, tablet computers are still high-end computer products, especially niche products. If we really want to popularize among consumers and take a share in the market where notebook product prices are constantly declining, price is indeed a problem that cannot be ignored

although the market demand for intelligence has surged, the manufacturers occupying the market highland are nearly saturated. The combination of software stores and intelligent hardware, and the provision of various applications and game content have expanded the use boundary beyond imagination. V-shaped and U-shaped 2mm notch broaches can be equipped and arranged according to user requirements, blurring the boundary with computers, and causing consumers to have great user stickiness to intelligent and mobile operators

in addition, in the future smart market, appearance and performance are far from the only measurement indicators; Smart itself has built the first one million ton coal coking transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise in China. Its personalized and lifestyle nature determines that integrated service and user experience will be one of the most important indicators to determine the outcome of the competition in the next stage

as two indispensable factors in the future mobile Internet competition, differentiated functional applications and perfect industrial cooperation models are indispensable for the future development of both tablet computers and intelligence. The key to which of the two camps can take the lead in the competition for mobile Internet terminals in 2010 depends on who can find the most suitable market entry point. Communication message

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