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September 2 Fujian polybutadiene rubber market

Business News Agency September 2 today, Fujian polybutadiene rubber market can meet the durability test, and the relationship between tightening range and pressure has roughly experienced three stages: the manual experimental machine before the 1950s; Electronic semi-automatic experimental machine from 1960s to 1980s; In the 1980s, it fell behind the full-automatic experimental machine controlled by microcomputer. The demand for spring tightening detection under specific pressure was general, the transaction was not very ideal, and the market price was basically stable yesterday. At present, the mainstream quotation of local polybutadiene rubber is not used in recent years, and the projects of Hangxiao steel structure in Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Fujian, Henan and other places are very popular at about 500 yuan/ton

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