The hottest September 19 Asian oil Market Overview

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Summary of Asian oil market on September 19

on Monday, the spot crude oil of Dubai, the benchmark crude oil in Asia, continued to rise. Dubai crude oil December spot price per barrel 61 US $08, up US $0.09 from the close of last Friday; In December, Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was 3 $66; In December, the price difference of wti/Dubai's current tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength per barrel was 3 $02

Asian naphtha and gasoline spot fell on Friday. The evaluation price of Japanese open specification naphtha shipped in the second half of October was $543 per ton, down $2.5 from the previous trading day. The estimated price of gasoline in Singapore market was $65.75 per barrel, down $1 from the previous trading day

Asian medium distillate oil continued to decline due to concerns about delayed demand. Singapore aviation kerosene closed at $78.95 a barrel on Monday, down $0.65 from the previous trading day. Diesel oil with a sulfur content of 0.5% was US $73.15 per barrel, down US $0.45 from the zero drift of the previous trading day. Singapore diesel oil sold at US $73.10 per barrel in October

Singapore's fuel oil spot market was mixed with abundant supply, and the benchmark fuel oil market was hit. The benchmark high sulfur fuel oil price of Singapore 180 fell to $284.95 per ton, down 2% from the previous trading day $70; The assessed price of No. 380 fuel oil rose to $280 per ton, up $2.60 from the previous trading day. Singapore 180 fuel oil 10windform XT 2.0 can replace finished parts for small batch production. Monthly paper goods are $300 per ton, and November paper goods are $310.5 per ton

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