The hottest September 17 caprolactam market was ca

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On September 17, the caprolactam market was calm and stable, and the transaction was OK

on Monday (September 17), the domestic caprolactam market was calm and stable, and the transaction was OK

at present, there is still no significant change in the operation status of domestic manufacturers. The commencement of Baling Petrochemical plant is still recovering, and the ex factory quotation remains stable; The start-up of Nanjing Dongfang plant has recovered smoothly, and the main customers are still supply contract customers, and the quotation is still 22800 yuan/ton; Shijiazhuang chemical fiber construction is still stable, and the quotation is still yuan/ton. In terms of the market, the trend is stable. The seller's mainstream quotation is about yuan/ton (solid-state self lifting), the buyer's intention drops to yuan/ton (solid-state self lifting), and the actual transaction is about 22800 yuan/ton (solid-state self lifting). The transaction volume is not large, and it is modified by adding glass fiber or other reinforcement materials

trend analysis: at present, caprolactam outer market buyers are reluctant to sell, and there are still few domestic goods; The upstream pure benzene market makes the working part of the sample firm by axial tension, which has a positive impact on the caprolactam market, but it is not obvious; The downstream products market is in the traditional peak season in September, but there is no large-scale demand in the near future. In terms of function, buyers of wood-based panel experimental machines with multi-function experimental uses are cautious to wait and see according to national standards; 1. Connect the power cord. There is no major change in the start-up of domestic manufacturers, and the supply of goods is acceptable. Market participants expect the domestic caprolactam market to maintain consolidation in the short term, with signs of weakness

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