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Zhuzhou overpass lifting grab double beam bridge crane main technical parameters

grab double alignment its plumb beam bridge crane is applicable to the fixed span of mines, workshops and warehouses in metallurgy, cement, chemical industry and other industries, engaged in the handling of ore, limestone, mineral powder, slag, coke, coal and sand, and also engaged in the handling of bulk materials in other industries. The crane is suitable for indoor and outdoor workplaces with ambient temperature such as wedge clamp -25 ℃ ~ +40 ℃. The reclaiming device is a four rope grab with double drum drive. In 2017, the domestic lithium-ion battery cathode material technology progress and production have made great progress. 4 according to the thickness of material particles, it can be equipped with closed grab or toothed grab. The opening and closing directions of grab are divided into parallel main beam and vertical main beam

the executive standard of this product is gb/t general bridge crane, and the main performance parameters are as follows:

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