Main technical requirements of the hottest buried

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Main technical requirements for buried oil storage tanks

4 Buried depth: 0.5m

5 Full volume: the output of white paperboard is about 14.51 million tons; Excluding coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper, the output of cultural paper is 28.31 million tons, with four specifications of 20m3, 30 m3, 50 m3 and 50 m3 (compartment type); The filling coefficient is 0.9

6. Corrosion allowance: 1mm

7 Material of oil storage tank: q235-b

8 Inner diameter of cylinder: inner diameter of 20m3 tank is 2200mm, inner diameter of 30 m3 tank is 2400mm, and inner diameter of 50 m3 tank is 2800mm

9 Tank wall thickness: 20 and 30 m3 tank barrel wall thickness 6mm, head wall thickness 8mm, 50 m3 tank barrel wall thickness 8mm, head wall thickness 10mm. Weld coefficient 0.85

10 Welding process: electric arc welding is adopted for welding. The brand of manual welding electrode is J422, the brand of automatic welding electrode is H08A, and the brand of flux is HJ431

11. Pressure test: 0.1mpa

12 Weld inspection requirements: butt weld inspection standard jb/t4730.2 radiographic inspection, inspection length 10%; Fillet weld inspection standard jb/t4730

13 Manhole diameter: two DN600 manholes. The manhole flange is a machined standard plate flat welded steel flange. The manhole neck is 200mm high, and the manhole cover and flange thickness are 22mm. Oil resistant rubber asbestos flange gasket is used, and bolts, nuts and gaskets are configured according to national standards. Water stop plate is set at the manhole (1100mm high for 20m3 oil tank, and 550mm high for others)

14. Nozzle specification: oil inlet 89 4mm, oil outlet 89 4 or 133 5mm, vent 57 3.5mm, oil measuring hole 108 4mm, liquid level gauge port 108 4mm, manhole 630 6mm

15 The oil storage tank shall be derusted by sand blasting, the derusting grade shall reach Sa2.5, and the reinforced epoxy coal tar paint shall be used for corrosion prevention. Coating structure: primer topcoat glass cloth topcoat glass cloth two coats of topcoat with a total thickness of not less than 0.6mm. 3000 volt spark test is qualified

16. The storage tank shall be welded with two electrostatic conductive grounding galvanized flat steel, with the specification of ━ 404, and it is convenient to connect with electrostatic grounding

17. Anti floating form of storage tank: anti floating holding belt and saddle (fixed on the foundation) are set

for the use of 3-yuan cathode materials, electrolyte, filter membrane, high-performance copper foil and other power battery materials, permanent magnet electromechanical materials, aluminum, composite materials and other lightweight materials in automotive products in the new energy vehicle industry chain

18 The storage tank shall be equipped with lifting lugs to facilitate loading and unloading

medical devices and equipment used to detect infant hearing have undergone excessive material transformation

19 The designed service life of the oil storage tank is 20 years

20. Other technical requirements shall be implemented in accordance with the current national and industrial specifications and standards, as well as the "gas station construction standard" and "gas station construction standard design"

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